The Mixo One cuts lemons into quarters, then places them in the glass.

Ice Cubes

The Mixo One crushes and measures out the ice cubes, according to the recipe settings.


The Mixo One holds a 6-liter container of rum, measured out to the nearest centiliter.


The Mixo One measures out the sugar down to the nearest gram.

Touch screen

Select the desired cocktail in just 2 clicks, view cocktails being prepared, and launch the self-cleaning function.

Fresh mint

The Mixo One measures out the mint leaves and places them in the glass.


Inserted in the niche for the glass, the shaker is automatically filled with the quantities defined in the recipe and shaken.


The Mixo One muddles the mixture in the glass.

Sparkling water

The Mixo One has a system that purifies and carbonates tap water.